About Big Mike

The Chicago Kid



Band Bio:

Big Mike Perez is a Chicago native Blues artist who now resides in New Orleans. Mike is best known for his aggressive Chicago style of Blues Funk/Blues Rock Fusion and Powerful, Soulful vocals which was inspired by many artist in Chicago in the likes of Joanna Connor, Buddy Guy, Mike Wheeler, Rico McFarland, Carl Weathersby, The Kinsey Report, Robert Blaine, Big James and The Chicago Playboys, and many more.

While residing in Chicago, Big Mike performed at many of the popular venues like Cubby Bear, Shenanigans, Kingston Mines, Clown’s Alley, Bluebird Lanes, and many more. He eventually started leaning towards the style of Chicago blues and hasn’t left it since. His band was hired by independent artist in Chicago to perform as a backing band for them. He has notably performed at the taste of Chicago on the best buy stage. 

Since he has left Chicago, Big Mike has made a name for himself in New Orleans performing at weekly residencies 5 nights a week on the famous Bourbon St and Frenchmen St. His band is one of the top blues bands in New Orleans. Most nights are standing room only at many of the venues when he performs. 

He has performed with long time New Orleans Blues Guitar Master Mem Shannon, and with the Memphis B.B. King All-Stars. 

He has also performed at the 2018 Jazz & Heritage Fest in New Orleans backing the Soul Singer Sierra Green and put on the same bill with Smokey Robinson, Rebirth Brass Band, and Maze ft. Frankie Beverley.

Mike’s vocals have been compared to the likes of B.B. King, Bill Withers, and Robert Cray.

Mike is best known for his aggressive style of blues. Long solos and tight gospel rhythm hits. His performances are fun and interactive. He creates a real show delivering the old school blues form of creating stories for the crowd to listen to and respond. 

Mike is accompanied on stage by musicians from all around the country and has created a little Chicago in New Orleans when you walk into the club. 

He has completed his debut album titled “This Song’s For You”.

His debut album produced by Red Tint Records is an eclectic album that encompasses Chicago Rhythm and Blues. With soul, and funk, and some rooted reggae. The album takes you on a journey of emotions. It is for everyone and anyone looking to feel something when listening. From love songs, to heartbreak, to just good old sing-a-long and dance-a-long songs, and great guitar solos. His album has it all. Created at DPL studios based out of New Orleans and Rick Barnes Studios in Chicago. This Album has taken its time to be made just right. 

Big Mike & The R&B Kings is a polished Chicago blues band that is ready to knock people out of the chairs and on the dance floor.  

What we offer.


His band delivers a high energy intense show with his trademark catchy tunes like Mister Big Fonkay, Save Some Funk For Sunday, and Gonna Get Some Love. Big Mike typically gives his musicians on stage freedom for long intense solos which he will keep building for every turn around.

Styles: The band plays many genres and that is do to the versatility of our musicians.  Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Country, and we even add Latin Grooves and rhythms.

The Real Deal


Big Mike's voice has been compared to the likes of Robert Cray and BB King. Soulful and powerful.

Self taught on guitar, bass guitar, and plays classical music on piano.

His shows are intense from beginning to end. 

Want to see him Live before considering to hire? We play weekly on Frenchman St. Please come by and see it for yourselves. Maybe at the end of our show come by and introduce yourself and lets chat.